Have You Ever Thought of The Many Artistic Forms Poetry Can Take?

Interviewing S.L. Feemster we learn about the many forms Upw(o/a)rds can be interpreted and felt. From the intrinsic aesthetics of boldly bended grammar and to the upside use of margins. Feemster is an NYC-based art maker, and author. Feemster's debut chapbook UP.W(O/A)RDS, a visual poetry collection of stories, scripts, and soundtracks, was published in 2018. UP.W(O/A)RDS is book No. 14 in the Times Square Book Series from @yonkersinternationalpress. Feemster’s words have been commissioned for TEDx and The Dear You Project Podcast. Feemster has also appeared on film, Off Broadway, and on stage throughout the U.S. Catch Feemster hosting @inkinnovators LIVE, and follow @sl_feemster and @read.sl_feemster.

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