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This book is divided into four chapters, and each chapter describes a different stage and journey. This book is about overcoming the pain and stages from a troublesome childhood to adulthood. Molt takes the reader through some of the most bitter moments, a process of shedding negativity and growing wings of positivity, through poetry. Everyone can grow wings if they're willing to molt through past winter grays. Are you brave enough to embark on this poetic journey?


Molt Book Reviews

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The Serpent’s Rattle

A poetic story about domestic violence, child abuse, rape and the overcoming. Serpent is used as a metaphor throughout to describe harmful and toxic people that make us feel inferior as a human being. Anyone and everyone who appears harmless filling roles of lovers, relatives, parents, and friendships in our lives. It is a story to be read cautiously to thoroughly understand through humility and empathy is how we can help each other overcome trauma. This poetic story is written using Spanglish language to embody the Latin-American communities.

Everyone can see it
The purples
The blues
The black

Everyone can see it
The tears
The fear
The pleas

Everyone can see it
The cycle
The invasion
The death
The forgiveness

Everyone can see it, except for me.

-the silent thoughts of being ashamed to run but enduring the stay (domestic violence abuse victims thoughts)