Wanna Make Money At Your Next Vending Event?

by Astrid Ferguson

Hey so you wanna make money huh? You want to secure that bag, hunty?! Yas! Well let me share with you what I learned during my observation at the NYC Poetry Festival and exhibits I have attended with my husband, Jerel Ferguson . He is a fine art oil painting artist so we are in vending and exhibitions quite often. Aside from that, many of you may know I am an introvert. Major surprise huh? So events where I have to sell myself is very uncomfortable for a fine gal like me. So if you are like me and you struggle with this too, I developed a Securing The Bag Checklist that you can take with you to any vending events. Yas girl! See I got chu!

I have to hype myself up sometimes, don’t judge me. It’s lonely on this laptop so I have to believe that you needed me this very moment.

So you may be asking yourself what is the NYC Poetry Festival? The NYC Poetry festival is held every year on the last weekend of July at Governors Island. The New York City Poetry Festival invites poetry organizations and collectives of all shapes and sizes to bring their unique formats, aesthetics, and personalities to the festival grounds, which are ringed with a collection of beautiful Victorian houses and tucked beneath the wide, green canopies of dozens of century old trees. By uniting the largest community of poets in the country and offering a unique setting for literary activity, the New York City Poetry Festival electrifies arts and literature and brings poetry to new light in the public eye.

To join the NYC Poetry Festival you can join in a few ways. You can decide to vend/sponsor the event where you will pay a fee to rent either a table or tent for one or both days of festival. You can visit NYC poetry festival for more details on pricing and what is offered. You can attend for free and just enjoy listening to poetry. There are about four stages to choose from. Lastly, you can decide to sign up for an open mic slot. There are plenty of organizations that are hosting readings and they are usually sponsors at the event as well.

I was one of the vendors for our (Lyn Patterson and I) Can We Discuss Poetry online book club and conducted a poetry reading with The She Will Speak foundation. It was a great time to see so many diverse people from young and hip to parents with their children enjoy this event. I also observed the crowd and the vendors and quickly picked up on why some vendors were booming more than others. Our tent was busy and always had a potential client step in. So I started noticing what others weren’t doing that we were doing as you will hear me discuss in the I Mean… Can We Discuss Podcast episode.