Whisperings Of The Wild and Wilting Book Review

by Astrid Ferguson

Where should I begin with this one? Let me begin by saying, I was impatiently waiting for this book to reach my hands for many reasons. However, due to time and keeping the relaxation of our eyes in mind, we’ll keep the reasons to a minimum so you can enjoy the blog review of Whisperings of The Wild and Wilting by Lyn Patterson. Please be advised that there are some affiliated links included in this blog.

First, let me say that even though the title and the book cover is amazing, it wasn’t the main reason I wanted to read the book. I knew I was going to get this book because Lyn is a friend of mine and we are all supporters of our friends work, right (I felt that eye roll :))? Second, the real reason I became a fan of Lyn’s poetry was after following her Instagram Poetryntings. Once you glimpse through her instagram and read for yourself you will become an instant fan as well. Then and only then will you understand why Whisperings of The Wild and Wilting is a must read. Lastly, Lyn has a way with language and placement style of words that make metaphors grace your tongue like a tango dance of vocabulary. It is both unique and mystical, regal and feminine, yet subtle and potent. A combination that is really hard to balance in poetry. Yet she has done it extremely well. Obviously as a first-time author she is very modest and considers herself a baby poet. Don’t believe me listen to the most recent podcast interview with I mean… Can We Discuss.

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Now on with the review. This book took me through a journey that reminded me of some of my very own experiences throughout my love life and womanhood. I appreciated the placements of the poems and the literation used as chapters titles. It is as if  the author wanted you to place yourself in each moment. While she shared her experience of overcoming a tumultuous childhood and addiction to drugs while acing school; she wrote it in the most invigorating and modest way. There wasn’t too much of just one emotion it was a body of emotions. It was appreciating the transition from girl to woman. Something that is difficult to articulate let alone discuss in poetic form. As a lover of words and stories, I appreciated the combination of raw and expansive use of vocabulary. The metaphors used of becoming one with mother earth and yet not spilling all the beans. Still sharing personal stories in code so that we the readers can digest the words and dissect what emotions. It was the perfect balance of illusion and reality. As a first time writer and friend of Lyn Patterson I definitely applaud her for doing this flawlessly. Without giving any spoilers below are just a few of my favorite poems from Whisperings of the Wild and Wilting.

Take notes

from the sun

how it

rises and shines

while the world

creates constraints

called time

to simply revolve

around it

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? Have you ever been in a toxic relationship with yourself? Well if you are like me and your answer was yes to both of these questions then you will also love this poem. I think this is probably one of my personal favorites from the book.


I loved a man


obsessed with his own


He swore

I was his


of love,

the most beautiful

and only

ruler to his heart.

But I could tell

he loved only

the sparkle

in my eye

because of the glare

of his own


Now I am done giving away any more spoilers and let me know if any of these poems resonated with you please let me know in the comments. Share with a friend who is in need of a good read or just need to read these words. You can also purchase Whisperings of the Wild and Wilting on Amazon. Currently only available on paperback version but hopefully that will change soon.