A Tragic Type of Beautiful Book Review

by Astrid Ferguson

I had the pleasure of meeting Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs in person and establish a friendship. I call her a walking poem with never ending stanzas. She lives and breathes for this thing called activism. She not only wrote this book to help those suffering from depression, body shaming, and racism; she works with children who have been abandoned by their own parents and loved ones daily. Which made her story even more beautiful to me. After getting to know Chey (as I am allowed to call her), I felt urged to get her book and show this girl some support. I think if you saw Cheyenne live you would feel compelled to do the same. For words are convicting and demands action for those we overlooked.  

Whisperings of the Wild and Wilting.png

The Tragic Type of Beautiful is a poetry book that is for any woman who deals or dealt with depression, failed relationships, felt self-love is unattainable, and has been silenced to internalize it due to being a woman of color. Cheyenne brings up subjects of police brutality and how the black communities are conditioned to internalize fear, rejection, and mental health conditions. Primarily because it is considered a weakness within the black community. The poetry book marries many points of view about the black community and white suburbia. As a 6’ 2 goodness she knows a thing or two about being in both the spotlight of modeling and in the shadows of depression.

The author embodies what it’s like being both tragic and beautiful, strong melanin and delicate, activist and victim. The Tragic Type of Beautiful is only the beginning of her story as she expands her She Will Speak Series movement. Allowing other women to come forth and share their struggles raw and uncut as Cheyenne does in this collection of poetry. Without giving away too many spoilers below you will find some of the poems that although short hold a punch of “She’s right!”

I Need Answers

my heart is heavy

with broken promises

shattered dreams

and hidden thoughts

I do everything

but still feel nothing


Tired of young girls and boys

Facing social rejection

Because depression and anxiety

Are diagnosed by skin complexion


forgive your parents

they tried their best

they were trying to give you Heaven

while fighting their own demons in Hell

To learn more about The Tragic Type of Beautiful click here. You can also follow Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/shewillspeak) and keep up with her upcoming events, anthologies, submission openings and more. If you have this book or want to drop a few of your own favorites poems comment them below. Send this to a friend who might be feeling like the tragic type of beautiful. Otherwise until next post friends.