5 Ways To Overcome Feeling Ambitiously Overwhelmed

5 Ways To Overcome Feeling Ambitiously Overwhelmed by Astrid Ferguson

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I don’t know about you but my excitement of the New Year died January 2 when I had to return to the routine of life, work, and no slouching balance (insert emoji of rolling eyes here). I was all pumped for the new year as if the universe was really going to run its magic wand over my head and instantly start at 0. Is that not wishful thinking or a set up for major disappointment? I wish that I could call all my bill collectors and say it’s a new year, I think we messed up back there somewhere in our relationship so let’s start over, erase all my dues and let’s shake hands. Wouldn’t that be a lovely sight?! Sign me up for that program!

Unfortunately, that is not how January 1 began. I had to deal with a coughing baby, meeting’s in the am and deal with major writers block. I mean it was like my veins were dry. I couldn’t come up with topics for my blog or poetry. I mean a sista was as dry as a cactus! I didn’t feel like my blogs had a clear direction and then I thought, I am not the most easiest person to understand soooo let’s not even make this about me. What I did instead, was start transformation week with Brendon Burchard. I thought it was going to be the I am a whole new person. On the contrary, it was more like, holy shit do I have work to do! Never in my life did I reach a point during a self-reflection that pointed out all the things I wasn’t doing for myself. Is that something subconsciously that we do? The whole not see what we need to do for ourselves before we do for others?

Like I don’t have a whole lot of friends but I didn’t stop to think that the possibility could have been me. Ha! If that doesn’t sound narcissist I don’t know what does. I am an introvert at heart. I mean major die hard introvert. Don’t believe me read Introvert On Stage and see how bad it affected my public speaking. I mean I had horrible stage freight and now look at me! I am a poet stepping onto different stages. I am also speaking on my very own podcast which you should definitely listen to. However, that leads into this feeling of feeling ambitiously overwhelmed. I want to do everything and do it all well. I want to be able to provide online courses to help you guys publish your very own stories but I am getting in my way with imposter syndrome.

I want to do so many things with my company that I get sick, instantly. All I want to be able to do is seek financial freedom and flexibility by doing the things I love. However, the hustle is grueling. I still have to work full time to provide for my family, fulfil mom duties, and do this business on the side. It takes so much time to research and emotional discomfort every time you step outside of your comfort zone. The internal work is way more exhausting than the actual external work. Overcoming feelings of rejection and just not feeling good enough is hard work man!

So I decided to create a list on how to alleviate some these feelings:

1. Failure is always an outcome but should never be the excuse

Yep that is correct my friends, You will never do things right the first time. Well you might but the chances of that happening is slim. Here is the beauty, that is ok. You will bounce back. You will find a better way as long as your honest that this is what you really want to do. Find what it is that drives you and who needs you on your A game. I know as a mom I am always thinking about what I need to do for my children. It amazes me that it is more important to me that I am doing my best for them then it is for me. I will always put my needs last and take care of theirs first.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself

I know as simple as that sounds it really isn’t that simple. I mean at work you have to filter your thoughts and conversations all the time. You can’t really say what’s on your mind. I mean if you could you would probably say something like, “I hate my job” or “Where the hell is my promotion” or better yet “When do I get more vacation and sick days, I want to take a whole year off.” All statements that would result in you getting fired and then you crying your eyeballs in the bathroom, panic jacked because your rent is due. So be yourself but don’t be yourself in certain situations? Ha! What I mean about being yourself it means figure out your likes and dislikes; your quirks and what your strengths are. If you are not doing anything you like, passionate about, or using your strengths, change your life around so it becomes more meaningful. If you don’t you will feel like you’re riding a train with no stops straight into Llama’s behind.

3. Do Some Soul Searching

Maybe it is time you spoke to a shrink. Maybe you want to do some spiritual healing. Maybe you want to try out a new religion. Maybe it is time to step outside your comfort zone and do something different. Travel the world and take a leap on faith on a new job, new adventure, new address, hell a new relationship. Sometimes you just need everything fresh and give yourself permission to start fresh.

4. Read Some Inspiring Stories

I like to read a lot of personal growth books and books that help with business. Let’s face it I am still learning how to be an entrepreneur. It is hard to have both the business and the creative mindset. I mean most of us are one of three types of managers: An Artist (person who just loves doing the craft), Process Manager (people who enjoy managing people and creating streamline processes), or the Serious Entrepreneur (the manager who is only in to make money, build and then sell it). I’d like to think I am cross between an artist and a process manager. Since I love helping others below is a list of my top three book recommendations to help clear those “I can’t do this thoughts.”

5. Stop Trying To Get Others To Understand Your Purpose

Your purpose will not be understood by many. Your gifts are given to you for a reason. It wasn’t meant for everyone to have. It what makes you unique. You don’t need others to affirm your potential in order to strive. Just do it! It is not a sin to be ambitious. It is not inevitable to become overwhelmed by your dreams and desires. However, it is your duty to make decisions if you want to see those dreams come true. Some you won’t like and some you will. You will have to change a lot but if it is aligned with your purpose, I like to call it growth. So go out there and make your mark. Allow yourself to shine. Tell your story your way. I dare you!

Let me know in the comments if you practice any of these tips or what has you feeling ambitiously overwhelmed. Share with a friend who may be in need of these tips and words. As always thank you for stopping by. Until next post my friends. Chao for now.