Intimate Interview With Friends

First, let me say Happy New Year! I hope you brought in the new year with joy, laughter and you’re pumped to get this thang rolling. We believe new year equals clean slate and I got this! i am sure that was the mood on New Years Day! It may have been by day 4 that you rolled your eyes and said, “ I need a do over.” Well let me tell you, even on those hard days that you wish you can hit reset again, you still got it! i You can definitely be on top of your game and fall off; just get up and get back on. No big deal, right?

That is how I started this year. I was trying to become more organized and signed up for all these courses. I even signed up for a buss it open course. Where you buss that p***y right open in a split. That is how trap yoga kicked to me. My side split needs some serious help let me tell you. I will spare the both of us the embarrassment. I am already falling behind, any who, I am trying to get my life together this year, I promise (insert rolling eyes of emoji’s here). However, I did stick to my podcast recording episode.

Oh you didn’t know i was a host in a podcast. Well, you have just been plugged in. You can hear more about latest podcast interviews girl! Below is a little snip bit of what the interview was about and pisst you might want to stay tuned in for next week when the unedited version interview of this airs. I mean, you might want to put the kids down and get you a little drink so you can have a few laughs.

During the interview (even though I am the host of I Mean… Can We Discuss Podcast) I was in the guest chair, where Lyn Patterson and Cheyene Tylor Jacobs got to ask me deeper questions about “The Serpent’s Rattle.” We discussed very intimate and deep conversations surrounding domestic violence, abuse, rape, immigration barriers among other things. We also had a little fun and I got to read a little poetry too. To get your copy of the first chapter of The Serpent’s Rattle for free click here.

I mean… Can We Discuss? Available on iTunes and Anchor.

I mean… Can We Discuss? Available on iTunes and Anchor.

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