New Book Alert!

I have been so busy trying to juggle multiple tasks at once, that I haven’t been able to blog and keep up with you all. I sincerely apologize and I have missed sharing my thoughts on random topics with you all. I promise I will get back on a groove. However, in more invigorating news, I have been working on my latest project. My forthcoming book, The Serpent’s Rattle.

Yas! You read that correctly. I will be rolling out a new book December 3, 2018. The ironic thing is it’s on my birthday. Yes, I did that on purpose (insert a wink here). It is my gift to the world. This book however, will be a deep dive into the first Molt chapter. It will encompass topics that are very difficult to articulate. Topics such as: domestic violence, child abuse, rape, immigration barriers and the overcoming.

The Serpent’s Rattle will contain many trigger warnings so it is not recommended if you have a sensitive stomach to strong language and graphic imagery. I am very proud to be rolling this out as it will be probably one of my rawest poetry books I’ve written yet. Until then, I will leave you with one of the poems that will found in the book and check out the cover reveal.

Everyone can see it

The purples

The blues

The black

Everyone can see it

The tears

The blues

The pleas

Everyone can see it

The cycle

The invasion

The death

The forgiveness

Everyone can see it except, me.

-the silent thoughts of being ashamed to run but enduring the stay (domestic violence abuse victims thoughts)

I will catch up with you guys soon. Until next time.