Posting vs. Submitting

Creating anything from scratch takes time and precision. Sometimes it takes messing up a few times before you finally get the right recipe. The good news is that almost anything can be bought in a can or frozen packet now-a-days. So why would anyone want to create anything from scratch if it is easier and less time consuming to just buy the can or frozen packet?

Today, the topic we will be visiting is deciding what is best for your brand/business. Most of us emerging, poets, artists, writers, or simply put--creatives, have a really hard time getting our names out there. In today's world the use of social media has helped many insta-poets such as Rupi Kaur, find their audience. However, social media also has it's complications.

Before social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr) were all great platforms for emerging writers, new poets to introduce their work to the world. Now with the changes and the mysterious "algorithm monster" it has become extremely hard for even your followers to see your content. You also run the risk of others stealing your work and calling it their own. After all, the internet is a free space. While social media creates a platform for you to reach millions of people instantly, the can and frozen packet of instantaneous,  is now starting to taste more like a soggy mess.

I know as a poet I find myself struggling on what and when to post. The aesthetics of my page, the tagging, the endless hashtags, the promotions vs. organic postings, only for Instagram to delete my entire message after almost 30 minutes of compiling this thought provoking post. It is the most annoying thing ever. However, what do you do? What are other alternatives since it has become quite cumbersome to reach even 1k followers? How do you get your words, your art, your voice across to those who need it most? Do you only post for likes or do you post for quality?

I started looking into literary magazines to submit my work to. I also started blogging to keep my followers engaged. However, now the problem becomes, how much time do you dedicate to this constant outreach? How can you access your audience in a more efficient and effective way? Using literary magazine and starting online communities are helpful but there is always a catch. The following are some of the catches when submitting to literary magazines;

  1. The good magazines you have to pay to have your work considered for publishing.
  2. You must write according to their genre or theme.
  3. It can take several months before your work gets published.
  4. You may get denied. Yikes!

Online communities are great but that also takes a ton of time. You have to create postings daily, find other poets, constantly decide on what content to post, giveaways, live feeds, it is actually quite exhausting to do alone. So now you have to find other people who are willing to help for the phat price of FREE! If it is only a passion you will find no problem at all locating people, but if it becomes a chore and the person attaches dollar signs to their time, be prepared to be turned down.

So we come back to the question do you continue to create from scratch or do you just use the can and frozen goods? Here is my advise, you do a little bit of both. You use social media to keep your followers engaged and especially your younger followers. You write blogs for those followers that want to know more about you or really enjoy reading your material. You submit to literary magazines and you take every no as a motivator to continue submitting. You have to try every avenue to get your brand out.

This creativity, this talent you possess belongs to you and you have to continue fighting for it. You can't give up every time you reach a new obstacle. That is always what sets the legends apart from the one hit wonders. Buy books to inform yourself on new ways to market your product/services. Sign up for open mic events. Create videos on YouTube. Constantly challenge yourself to try new avenues to reach your audience. Just remember they will never find you because they simply don't know who you are. So you must show them all who you are and this is where you belong. Keep writing! Keep posting! keep doing what you are doing and add a little extra. After all, the modern way of doing things is taking the easy ingredients (boxed cake, canned preservatives etc.) and adding a little spin of your own. Always stay authentic to yourself and don't be afraid to shake things up.