Mother's Month Challenge

"Winning Ourselves back piece by piece" 

May is the month to celebrate our mothers. However, many of us are mothers and mothers-to-be as well. I am a mother of two boys and I know how difficult motherhood can be. As many of us mothers know, parenting is extremely difficult. There is no manual or right way to do it. I mean we are growing HUMANS with different personalities, quirks, and levels of understanding. It is hard work day in and day out. So difficult that we often find ourselves at the bottom of our daily task lists. We place our needs as women in the far back burners of our stoves and sometimes we just stay left behind.

This challenge is supposed to help mothers go back to being WOMAN once again. To prioritize themselves throughout 30 days and hopefully, apply this routine into their daily lives going forward. These sets of challenges listed below, I developed based on techniques I used to win myself back from postpartum. Yes, we experience that too after bearing children. IT IS REAL! While motherhood is wonderful even with all it's demands we must still remember to do things for ourselves. If we don't, we can find ourselves slipping into depression, unworthy feelings, and just become plain miserable. Please note that you can do this challenge any month you choose. I just picked May because that is when I created the challenge. So without further ado please see the challenges listed below. Please read until the end and answer the questions at the end of this article if you decided to join the fun. I would love to hear from you mommas.

  • Day 1: Take a 30 minute walk and just let your mind wonder. Think about what you would like to change or accomplish at the end of this challenge.
  • Day 2: Post a bare face photo (preferably in the morning when we think we are the ugliest) with the following poem
" I'm the queen of the night. I'm the sunshine in the morning. I'm that person everyone wants. I'm the air everyone needs. I'm still beautiful under this oversized, overused shirt. I'm life and I've learned to love me. Not because I'm an angel, not because I'm perfect. Instead, because I'm a God given gift. I'm the perfectly imperfect woman. The one you address as queen. I grow angels out of seeds. I'm woman first and mommy is my highest earned degree."
-Astrid Ferguson
  • Day 3: Take a flower and celebrate yourselves. Take yourself back to your youthful days. After a long day at work take time to yourself. Celebrate your accomplishments, your triumphs, your shortcomings, your mistakes, your life. Make yourselves a mixed drink (wine, beer, cocktail, milkshake etc.) Put your feet up and leave the dishes for tomorrow. Take this moment in the day just for you.
  • Day 4: Reflection Day. Take yourself out on a date. During this date, savor your meal and think about what is important to you. Think about what you have been through. Maybe you battled an illness, surpassed an abusive relationship, or simply survived the day. Do some research on a community or non-profit organization you can get involved in. By volunteering in something that is meaningful to you while helping someone else, will bring you a great sense of peace. You will also experience feelings of meaningful purpose, a great sense of pride and dignity.
  • Day 5: Just chill. Yep, exactly that. Just completely relax, as much as possible of course. Binge eat, wear sweat pants, don't do any chores, read, whatever is necessary for you to just sit and not worry about a long list of tasks.
  • Day 6: Take this day to be thankful. Be grateful and rejoice for everything you have in your life no matter how big or small it may be. Maybe you go to church. Maybe you visit your parents or friends or other family. Just accept everything you have and don't worry about what you have yet to accomplish.
  • Days 7-13: Nurse your mind and body to health week challenge. Pick some goals from the following listing:
  1. Lose Weight.
    • Pick a detox, exercise at least three times a week and follow the second goal.
  2. Eat healthier (choose a diet that works for you).
    • Eat at least two servings of fruit, three servings of leafy green veggies, and very low amounts of carbs a day. Drink 8 glasses or 64oz of water daily.
    • Become a vegetarian or a vegan for 22 days (The 22-day revolution is a good cookbook to use for this challenge).
    • Download an app like (Myfitness Partner) so you can track your meals.
  3.   Decrease Stress.
    • Meditate at least two times a day (Headspace App is a good one to use for this).
    • Take a yoga class at least three times a week to help you stretch and relax.
    • Drink one glass of red wine every night before going to bed. They say read wine is good for the heart ha-ha.
  4. Expand your mind/knowledge or seek encouragement.
    • Read a self-help or poetry book each night (Recommendations: You're a Bad ass by Jen Sincero, The subtle art of not giving a F**k by Mark Manson, Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, This princess saves herself in this one by Amanda Lovelace, any poetry books by Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni and Mary Oliver, you are always welcome to also read my book Molt. You can find it under books in this site.)
  5. Better Organization and self-care tips. I recommend Buzy Moms Organize
  6. Can't exercise on your own and need to go to classes I recommend
  • Days 14-20: Find a passion and stencil it to fruition week challenge.
    • Art, creative writing, blogging, fashion (sewing), photography, knitting, craftsmanship, creating fashion jewelry, arts and crafts etc.
  • Days 21-27: Get in touch with your alter ego week challenge. Get in touch with the lioness in yourself. Sign up for a poll dancing class. Wear something sassy (high heels, lingerie etc.) Practice dancing in the mirror. Surprise yourself or significant other with a new move (men you're welcome or ladies).
  • Days 28-30: Pick what worked for you out of this challenge and continue doing it thought your lifelong journey. Do a self-assessment and see how much better you feel about yourself. It is crucial and immensely important to do things for yourself by yourself. You can never have enough of yourselves. While you are analyzing your results, go out and get your nails and hair done. Give yourselves a new look for the new you. Go and step into the light. The world is waiting for you to strut your stuff. You got this! You are still a bad mama jamma. 

What did you like most about this challenge or article? Do you have any recommendations or suggestions you would like to add to this challenge? Are you already applying some of these challenges into your daily routine? Catch you guys in the threads.