Getting A Head Start On The New Year

Getting A Head Start On The New Year

by Astrid Ferguson

Start today what you plan to do tomorrow!

Start today what you plan to do tomorrow!

It’s here the end of another year of life! Ok that doesn’t sound amusing at all, when I say it that way. It’s almost like, the beginning of our farewell speech (insert sarcastic laugh here). You know those  speeches we give when we finally leave that dreading job; or graduation day while you secretly fear tomorrow because for so long your life was written on some syllabus; or that birthday that feels like a midlife crisis, yikes!

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Regardless, it’s sort of a similar feeling when a new year is approaching. It’s like your mind invents some secret reset button that frankly, doesn’t exist. Some of us are glad it is over, as if Harry Potter will leave his magic wand and January 1st will become the beginning of a new life. Ironically, a new year is pretty much a cabinet where you move your archived folders from your previous years. We just keep rolling everything into the upcoming years until we either shred the documents or actually relabel the folder as complete.

Don’t worry I will explain. You know that diet you always wanted to try but you can’t seem to stay on it longer than three days? You will likely try it again January 1. Those courses you wanted to sign up for to learn about something new? You might look at it again and you will probably say I seriously need to think about saving my money. Better yet, you will look through Instagram at all those wonderfully decorated houses, fashion bloggers that always look the bomb, and you may even look through an exes profile to see “did they marry anyone yet?” All things that will kick you in the gut and put you right where you were at the beginning of 2018. What mode is that? Fix-it, I’m not good enough, mode.

We do this to ourselves more often then we pep talk ourselves into believing the impossible, is possible. So let’s do this year a little differently. Instead of waiting for January 1, let’s write down everything we want. Then write down why you don’t have it. No really! Write down why you feel you don’t have those things. Now write a different story. Write down how you will go after those things. If you can’t come up with a plan scratch it the hell off your list and toss it in the trash can! It is not that important to you if you can’t come up with a game plan.

I will share a story with you. After I had my second son, I struggled immensely with my image, my emotional balance, my thoughts, me as a whole. I hated that I didn’t look like a celebrity even after taking good care of myself (eating clean that is, you can’t take good care of yourself with a newborn). I even went vegan for 22 days. No I am lying, I did 19. I got sick and vegan cup noodles was the nastiest thing I ever ate in my entire life. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Just like that my vegan journey ended. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me, why after working out almost 4-5 times a week, including boot-camp 6am three times a week, wasn’t working. How could I be toning everywhere except my stomach. I had this pouch that was here to stay.

Then I read about Diastasis recti and saw Tia Mowry talk about it. She was the first celebrity I saw that didn’t look like a magazine front cover model shortly after having a baby. For some reason that made me feel re-affirmed. This angered me because why did I need to see a stranger who doesn’t know me from  a speck of paint, talk about this sort of thing for me to feel more secure in myself? Obviously, it has to deal with us putting celebrities on a pedestal and needing to take them off, but that is a whole other story. To make matters worse knowing that such a thing was real, made me feel discouraged. I felt like, what was the point of working out if I can’t fix this? Such a wrong way of thinking. So I fell off my wagon of healthy routine completely. I came up with every excuse and gave in completely zero motivation.

You might be thinking, why is she writing about this when she’s not a fitness blogger? I tell you this long round-about story to say, it’s ok. We all struggle and we all begin and end somewhere. I decided this year, my first year ever, I am not setting a resolution. I am following through with my manifestations. So I have signed up to a better body health challenge for 10 weeks, beginning Jan 7. I have to eat healthier and exercise at least four times a week, record my meals and workouts, track my calories along with serving of fruit and vegetables. It’s a group of women virtually and some of my close friends. I also signed up for a seven week online session of setting my goals and achieving them at my highest capacity. The setting my goals online session begins January 1 with Brendon Burchard and you can join too for FREE by clicking here (this is not an affiliate site, I am just sharing the wealth).

You see what I did there? I set myself up for success. By signing up for challenges I am holding myself accountable. Sometimes it is what we need, making ourselves accountable. If we can’t do that, then we can look for ways that forces us to stick to doing what we want for ourselves. We easily get distracted and discouraged in life and we lose site of the things that we really want. We ultimately want to live a happier, healthier and prosperous life. So why wait to January 1 to do what you can do today? If your goal is to start reading again, take more time for self-care, or what-have-you here is another freebie for you. Download the first chapter for free of my poetry memoir The Serpent’s Rattle by clicking here. Start getting back on the horse of being the best you, you can possibly be. Break free from all those excuses and set yourself up for success. Have a wonderful new year and toast to your success! Let me know in the comments if this helped you look into 2019 with a whole new perspective.