5 Tips to Reduce Anxiety

5 Tips To Reduce Anxiety by Astrid Ferguson

5 Tips To Reduce Anxiety by Astrid Ferguson

It’s a wonderful time of the year! Sing-a-long, not! It is also a wonderful time for anxiety/panic attacks! The feeling of being overwhelmed, burnt out and unproductive can set in also. You wanna know why? Because what comes after Christmas? The New Year!

Oh the New Years resolution that everyone sets for fix something. You automatically begin the year in fix mode. You completely forget everything you accomplished, you forget about what your strengths are and all the weaknesses just pile up on your desk. AHHHH! Makes you just want to scream. At the same time you are running around spending extra money on gifts for everyone else. If you are like me you have to do Christmas dinner also. You look around and you pick at everything that is out of order. Your house looks like a pig sty and the laundry. Oh the laundry that never ends!

So first lets woosah! Let’s center ourselves and let’s do a few things to diminish these unwanted feelings. Let’s take back the control from our thoughts and let’s conquer the day. Try these easy tips and see if they make you feel just a little bit more jolly just before the holiday hits.

1.Develop a Routine Sleep Schedule  

Yes, you heard me. Sleep does the body good. You should be getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. I am preaching to the choir because 6 hours is a good night for me. I know it is hard with kids, work, life. Everything just seems to get in the way. Guess what? While you’re sleeping those problems will still be there when you wake up, so why stress about it? Start going to bed a half hour earlier every night until you reach your ideal time of going to bed. Your body is like a toddler in potty-training (you have to teach it slow and consistently). You will start to feel the difference in your mood swings. Not to mention those bags underneath your eyes will start to magically disappear without heavy use of concealer.

2. Get Up before Everyone Else In The Household

This one is for all my parents/mostly mom’s out there. Get up an hour earlier than everyone else. If you have a new born do not follow this step! You need all the sleep you can get. You sleep when the baby sleeps. For everyone else with kids use this time to do something for yourself. Go for a run, take a long shower, meditate, write in your manifestation journal, read a good book, do a morning prayer, do whatever makes you feel more relaxed and ready take on the day. This will also help you get yourself together before everyone else begins calling out for you. Do not use this time to look through your phone to answer e-mails, scroll through social media or answer any text messages. This time is intended for you and you only. Use it wisely and you will start to tell the difference. Most times we get really anxious because we need ourselves. I would love to get a pedicure and manicure or even a spa massage but they usually don’t open around 6am.

3. Take a Break Every 15 Minutes

Yes,  I said it! You need a break, Sit down, breathe, do some yoga poses ( a child pose, low lunge or just sit in bound angle pose) to collect your thoughts. Stretch and breathe through your stretches. During this break think of at least three positive and encouraging words. Write them down somewhere you can reference it with a glance. Repeat them to yourself until your mind believes what you are saying. Do this throughout the day no matter how important the task is, take time to recoup. You need time to reset. It allows you to hit the reset button on your mind, eyes, and thoughts. You can even give your muscles a good stretch from doing the same thing for hours. This is your permission take the break!

4. Writing in Journal or Poetry

I am a writer so I always find writing therapeutic. Especially in my favorite form of writing, poetry. To download the first chapter of The Serpent’s Rattle for free click here. I keep a journal on my nightstand and I also have a manifestation journal. I recommend the Rachel Hollis or the Hollis Co. journal for manifestations and goal setting. I recently started using this journal and I am starting to feel the decluttering and clarity already occurring. Sometimes you just need to write things down so you can empty out your thoughts. Sometimes writing things down helps you see things clearly. It actually helps you really go after your wants and needs without feeling ashamed or guilty for wanting something. I know as women we spend so much time giving we almost feel guilty for wanting for ourselves. So this step will definitely help mitigate that thought process.

5. Get a Good Book

I have quite a long list of books you can get but I’ll just provide you with a couple options. Everyone enjoys stories and characters differently so I will only share a few of my favorites. If you are looking for something uplifting, well more of a tough love type of book I recommend Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. If you want to read something that will help your business or gain some research on entrepreneurship and gain some emotional intelligence, I recommend The Road Back To You by Ian Morgan Cron and Influencer by Brittany Hennessy. I am not a big fantasy or novel type of gal, however,  these particular books I enjoyed Circe by Madeline Miller, Children of Blood and Red Bone by Toni Adeyemi. Let’s not forget Becoming by Michelle Obama. Which is a wonderful addition to anyone’s book-shelf. I mean who wouldn't want to know about our former first lady/Flotus (first black lady) journey?

I hope all these steps help you recharge and motivate you to check in with yourself. We often get lost in the constant doing for everyone else and forget to do things for ourselves. These five steps will help you start a new routine where you always begin with your intention and uplift your energy throughout the day. You will see how much your anxiety levels will diminish. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and remember to pick up something for yourself. You deserve a treat. You can blame it on me. Until next time, let me know in the comments if you found any of these tips useful.

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