Screen Time vs. Face Time

We are all too familiar with the fast and continuous growth of technology. We do everything online or on our phones. We store numbers, we shop for groceries, we pay bills, we balance our check books (no I’m sorry we check our balances), we do everything just by clicking and scrolling. This sort of convenience makes it hard to have regular face to face conversations. No not face time I mean in person. I mean like you can hold hands. I mean like a real hug. Not like a set up a virtual chat and pretend to hug each other through a screen.

While I am sure we know social media takes up tons of time. I didn’t realize how much time I actually spent on my screen, until iPhone came out with this new feature called screen time. Yep, it actually calculates how much time you spend on your phone. One day I averaged seven hours. That is almost a full days work day. I don’t even spend that much time talking or dating my husband. I spent more time on my screen then I spend with my own children. Well, that is not exactly a bad thing.

The other thing I noticed is that I spent more time on my screen during days of the week. I guess now that I think about it, makes a lot of sense. During the week I try to spend more time with the family. No, I am lying. I have to do tons of laundry, cleaning up and catch up on my other work (writing).

The only thing that was easier to digest is that I didn’t spend all seven hours on social media. I spent a good five hours on social media, the rest was divided amongst apps and the internet. I still couldn’t believe that I spent that much time on my phone. To think I don’t even consider myself a social media lover. I leave my phone for hours and forget where it is sometimes.

I can’t imagine the people who are on like snapchat throughout the day. If you had screen time what do you think your phone would say about you? Where do you spend most of your time? Would change this habit?

Honestly, I would change the fact that I am too accessible. I honestly, used to hate social media until I had to use it for business (poetry accounts, book promotions, etc.). However, I love the convenience of my phone. I love that I no longer have to go to bank to deposit a check. I love paying all my bills right from my phone. It just feels so powerful that with one finger I can do everything at once.